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gray arrow Alaska Southcentral LNG Update: Presented by Steve Butt, Senior Project Manager Alaska LNG Concept Selection (2/19/13)

gray arrow Governor Welcomes Gasline Progress (2/15/13)

gray arrow Letter from Producers and TransCanada (2/15/13)

gray arrow Progress Made on Alaska LNG Export Project (10/3/12)

gray arrow ANS Producers & TransCanada’s letter re: Southcentral Alaska LNG Export Project (10/3/12)

gray arrow APP Concludes Encouraging Solicitation of Interest (9/21/12)

gray arrow APP to Conduct Solicitation of Interest in Pipeline Capacity (7/30/12)

gray arrow AGIA Project Plan Amendment Approved (5/2/12)

gray arrow Commissioners' Letter Approving Project Plan Amendment (5/2/12)

gray arrow Letter from Producer CEO's (3/30/12)

 gray arrow Governor's Roadmap to a Gasline - 2012 State of the State (1/19/12)

gray arrow Alaska Pipeline Project Gas Offtake Study Released (11/28/11)

gray arrow Director Kurt Gibson Discusses Alaska Pipeline Project Status at the Alaska State Chamber (9/21/11)

gray arrow DNR Releases LiDAR Data for Proposed Pipeline Corridors (10/10/11)

gray arrow Alaska Pipeline Project Community Meeting Schedule Information (3/14/2011)

State and Federal Agencies Combine Efforts to Obtain Critical Public Information for Natural Gas Pipeline Route (8/2/10)

gray arrow FERC Issues Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS and Request for Comments (8/1/11)

Anchorage Daily News editorial by Tom Irwin, Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources (6/13/10)

AGIA Coordinator Releases April 2010 APP-AGIA Progress Report to the Alaska Legislature; AGIA Team Unveils Updated Website (5/4/2010)
      Attachment:  AGIA Gas Pipeline Project Report

State Welcomes Commencement of First Open Season for Alaska North Slope Gas (4/30/2010)

Alaska Pipeline Project Open Season Plan Approved (3/31/10)
       Attachment: Order Approving Plan for Conducting an Open Season (3/31/10)

Department of Natural Resources Proposed Gas Royalty Regulations Release Designated Markets (2/19/10)

Alaska Pipeline Project Open Season Filing Release (1/29/10)    

AGIA FERC Waiver Release (11/13/09)
       Petition of the State of Alaska for Expedited Grant of Limited Waiver(11/12/09)

AGIA October 2009 Progress Report Press Release (11/3/09)

State Signs Agreement with Major LNG Financier in Japan
Office of the Federal Coordinator: Guide to Alaska Natural Gas Projects

The Proposed Pipeline Route

Alaska Pipeline Project