Presentations and Studies

gray arrow Alaska LNG Project Update to the Support Industry Alliance in Fairbanks, AK (10/18/13)

gray arrow Bill Barron, Division of Oil & Gas Director, Presents to the Alaska Oil & Gas Congress (9/17/13)

gray arrow GPPO Presents to the Wasilla Chamber of Commerce (5/7/13)

gray arrow Commissioner Sullivan's LNG 17 Presentation (4/17/13)

gray arrow Alaska South Central LNG (SCLNG) Project Overview for Alaska Legislators (2/19/13)

gray arrow Commissioner Sullivan Provides Update on NS Gas Commercialization at NAPE Business Conference (2/6/13)

gray arrow Project Update Presented to the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District Outlook Forum (1/31/13)

gray arrow Macroeconomic Impacts of LNG Exports from the United States (12/3/12)

gray arrow Presentation to the 2012 Alaska Oil & Gas Congress (9/18/12)

gray arrow Alaska Pipeline Project Gas Off-take Study (11/28/11)

gray arrow Alaska Municipal League (11/10/11)

gray arrow GPPO Director Discusses Alaska Pipeline Project Status

Black and Veatch Report Growing Shale Resources: Understanding Implications for North American Natural Gas Prices (11/23/10)

Project Update Presentation to the Fairbanks Rotary Club (10/14/10)

Open Season Status Update Presentation to the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce (7/26/10)
      Open Season Questions and Answers 1 (1/28/10)
      Open Season Questions and Answers 2 (1/28/10)

Open Season Status Update Presentation (6/11/10)

Presentation to the Juneau Rotary Club: Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Update - Joe Balash (3/9/10)

Open Season for Alaska Gas Pipeline Projects: What to Expect - Scott Hobbs (1/28/10)

Open Seasons for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects: Procedures - Todd Ruhkamp (1/10)

Open Seasons for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects - Richard Foley (1/12/10)

Presentation to the KPEDD Industry Outlook Forum - Mark Morones (1/10)

Northern Economics' In-state Gas Demand Study (1/2010)

Oil and Gas Resource Potential and Opportunity in Alaska - Kevin Banks (12/4/09)

Presentation to the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce - Commissioner Tom Irwin (11/3/09)

Changing the Game: The Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline - Kurt Gibson (7/09)



Assumptions for Model of Costs of Gas Sales Delay (6/5/07)

Economics of AGIA's Rolled-in Rates Provisions (5/1/07)

Rolled-in Rates - From the FERC Perspective (5/1/07)

Dispelling AGIA Myths and Unfounded Concerns (5/11/07)

How AGIA Addresses Competitive Issues Raised by a Producer-Owned Pipeline (5/11/07)

FERC Issues (4/30/07)

Analysis of Producer Returns, Investment Attractiveness, and Fiscal Certainty (4/18/07)

FERC Policy: Rolled-in Rates (4/16/07)

Increasing Resource Owner Predictability (3/15/07)

Executive Summary of AGIA (3/5/07)

Assumptions Underlying Debt/Equity Analysis (2007)

Administration White Paper on AGIA (2006)

Evaluating the Fiscal Bargain (6/15/06)

Accounting for Suspended Well Costs (4/4/05)

Governor's Gasline Bill Advances to the Senate Floor
State Signs Commercial Agreements for Alaska LNG Project
State to Pursue Equity Partnership in Gasline







The Proposed Pipeline Route

Alaska Pipeline Project