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The Gas Pipeline Project Office was dissolved on May 9, 2014 due to the transition of state efforts under the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AS 43.90) to the Alaska LNG Project. This website became static on June 10, 2014 and will be viewable for reference purposes through August 31, 2014. If you have any questions, please contact the DNR Commissioner’s Office at 907-269-8431.


gray arrow Federal Export Legislation: Alaska North Slope Natural Gas from Institute of the North (6/13/13)

gray arrow Alaska Gas Opportunities Capture Attention at LNG17 (4/19/13)

gray arrow Alaska Southcentral LNG Update: Presented by Steve Butt, Senior Project Manager Alaska LNG Concept Selection (2/19/13)

gray arrow Governor Welcomes Gasline Progress (2/15/13)

gray arrow Letter from Producers and TransCanada (2/15/13)

gray arrow Progress Made on Alaska LNG Export Project (10/3/12)

gray arrow ANS Producers & TransCanada’s letter re: Southcentral Alaska LNG Export Project (10/3/12)

gray arrow APP to Conduct Solicitation of Interest in Pipeline Capacity (7/30/12)

gray arrow AGIA Project Plan Amendment Approved (5/2/12)

gray arrow Commissioners' Letter Approving Project Plan Amendment (5/2/12)

gray arrow Letter from Producer CEO's (3/30/12)

 gray arrow Governor's Roadmap to a Gasline - 2012 State of the State (1/19/12)

gray arrow Alaska Pipeline Project Gas Offtake Study Released (11/28/11)

gray arrow Director Kurt Gibson Discusses Alaska Pipeline Project Status at the Alaska State Chamber (9/21/11)

gray arrow DNR Releases LiDAR Data for Proposed Pipeline Corridors (10/10/11)

State and Federal Agencies Combine Efforts to Obtain Critical Public Information for Natural Gas Pipeline Route (8/2/10)

Anchorage Daily News editorial by Tom Irwin, Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources (6/13/10)

AGIA Coordinator Releases April 2010 APP-AGIA Progress Report to the Alaska Legislature; AGIA Team Unveils Updated Website (5/4/2010)
      Attachment:  AGIA Gas Pipeline Project Report

State Welcomes Commencement of First Open Season for Alaska North Slope Gas (4/30/2010)

Alaska Pipeline Project Open Season Plan Approved (3/31/10)
       Attachment: Order Approving Plan for Conducting an Open Season (3/31/10)

Department of Natural Resources Proposed Gas Royalty Regulations Release Designated Markets (2/19/10)

Alaska Pipeline Project Open Season Filing Release (1/29/10)    

AGIA FERC Waiver Release (11/13/09)
       Petition of the State of Alaska for Expedited Grant of Limited Waiver(11/12/09)

AGIA October 2009 Progress Report Press Release (11/3/09)

Alaska Moves One Step Closer to Building Gasline
Governor's Gasline Bill Advances to the Senate Floor
State Signs Commercial Agreements for Alaska LNG Project







The Proposed Pipeline Route

Alaska Pipeline Project